Professional Development

Professional Development Weighting System

As ordinary members of SLIANZ, interpreters are expected to continue to develop their professional knowledge and skills.

Each year members are required to complete a certain amount of professional development (PD).

AUT Interpreting students who graduate in the middle of the SLIANZ membership year will not be required to achieve the total number of PD points (16) in their first year as the time between graduation and end of the membership year (March) is not long enough.  However, new graduates are encouraged to attend as much PD as possible and record points on the website. At the end of the financial year they will be deemed to have achieved the required PD points therefore making them eligible for the IDF and having their directory listing marked as up-to-date.

Total points requirement

Interpreters are required to achieve a total of 16 points worth of PD per year.

Allocation of points

(PD activities not directly related to interpreting will be awarded half the value of the above points.)

This document gives an outline of how points will be awarded for the most commonly undertaken PD activities. However, if members feel that they have undertaken PD that does not match the above categories, they can submit their activities to the PD portfolio holders for them to decide allocation of points. Use the PD Form – custom events to do this.

The SLIANZ committee will organise a minimum of 3 PD events per year and an annual conference. Members will be responsible for organising any other activities/events needed to fulfil their required PD.

If individual members do not meet the PD requirements (16 points per year) there will be 2 results:

SLIANZ encourages members to take part in as many PD activities as possible to continue to develop their professional knowledge and skills.